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Looking Bacharach Cover


With a career spanning five decades and producing more than 70 top 40 hits, no artist in the 20th century has had a broader array of hits by a more diverse set of artists than Burt Bacharach. 

Looking Bacharach celebrates this true American treasure; with his quirky rhythms, complex harmonies and uber-catchy melodies. 

Everyone has a favorite Bacharach song, (even if they might not always realize it's a Bacharach song!). Looking Bacharach offers audiences a sampler platter from the composer's entire songbook - the beloved classics as well as overlooked gems.

The show reflects the composer's incredible range:

Looking Bacharach Bach

There's always something there to remind you.

  • Easy Listening hits by the likes of Herb Alpert, the Carpenters and Bobby Vinton
  • Ballads performed by soul music legends like Aretha Franklin and Isaac Hayes
  • Classic country tunes by Glenn Campbell, Gene Pitney, and Marty Robbins Cinema classics like Alfie, Arthur and What's New Pussycat
  • 80s pop standards that were hits for Naked Eyes and Elvis Costello
  • And of course, a tour of Bacharach's iconic collaboration with Dionne Warwick (together, the team charted an astonishing 38 times!).

Looking Bacharach is not just a nostalgia show - it's an exciting exploration of a prolific composer's output - delivered by musicians who are not just seasoned professionals, but also fans.




What are some of your Bacharach favorites? LookingBacharach offers audiences a sampler from the composer's incredibly diverse songbook.

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